About me

I work at Stormshield, as a Malware Analyst within the Security Intelligence R&D team.

I used to work as network security engineer, doing mainly development and integration of packets processing applications.

On my free time, I try to play with CTF challenges to learn new things about security and to explore some fields not directly related to my professional core activities.

On this blog, I will mainly post about topics such as reverse-engineering or binary exploitation.

My posts are designed to be as detailed as possible and are therefore designed for beginners willing to discover new fields about computer security.

Obviously, unless explicitly stated, everything written here is for my full responsibility and shall not engage my current or any of my previous employers.

Email: web<at>remijullian.fr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/netsecurity1
Root-me profile: https://www.root-me.org/__syscall